Dean Huang said that the Chinese experience in education during the outbreak of COVID-19 showed the effectiveness of flexible teaching and active learning

date:2020-11-27 20:15author:小编source:Smart Learning Instituteviews:

On November 24, World Internet Conference - Internet Development Forum’s Artificial Intelligent Sub-forum invited the guests to discuss how to better fulfill the innovative and empowering functions of artificial intelligence and deepen its integration with different fields in the society and economics, the physical economies in particular, and promote the overall development. Den Huang was interviewed by CCTV as the representative of the guests of the conference.
Dean Huang stated that since the outbreak of COVID-19, 1.6 billion students around the world have been affected by the pandemic. China has contributed a lot to the international community, helping schools and teachers around the world with flexible teaching and active learning approaches, which are proved to be highly effective in China’s experience. Huang also said that, in international conversations, it would be an important topic to think about the roles of emerging technologies in shaping a better future.

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