2020 Global Future Education Design Competition Officially Launched

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On August 22, the 2020 Global Competition on Design for Future Education kick-off meeting was successfully held at the “Global Smart Education Conference-Forum and Closing Ceremony for the Future of Smart Learning and Education”. The competition is hosted by Beijing Normal University, and more than 30 universities and colleges at home and abroad will participate together. The registration channel will be opened from September 1st to 15th. Li Nan, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Ding Lianpu, Director of the Chinese-Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education, Zhan Tao, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Educational Information Technology, Chairman of NetDragon Network Co., Ltd., Joint Institute of Beijing Normal University Smart Learning Institute President Liu Dejian, Co-dean of Smart Learning Research Institute Huang Ronghuai, Deputy Director of the School Affairs Committee of Beijing Normal University, Vice President of Alumni Association Chen Guangju, Member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Deputy Secretary-General, Full-time Vice Chairperson of the Beijing Municipal Committee of China Democratic League, Founder of Beijing Design Society Song Weizu, Professor Omer Rana from the School of Computer Science and Information, Cardiff University, UK, and Dieter Trau, Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology of the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, attended the meeting.
Guests of the Conference

Dean Liu Dejian delivered a remote speech as the chief referee of the competition. He pointed out that the future will be a smarter era, and the way people learn, think, and live would also experience significant changes. At the same time, he mentioned the importance of students in our visions for the future. He expressed the hope that more teachers and students could participate in the competition and employ the lens of “smart” to imagine the models, tools, and platforms for future education and jointly portray a new era.
Dean Liu Dejian
Professor Chen Guangju introduced the 2020 Competition in detail on behalf of the organizer. He pointed out that the Global Future Education Design Competition was a new type of competition that challenged students’ ability to innovate and cooperate. So far, it has been held twice in a row. Inspired by the online teaching practice during the pandemic, this year’s competition will be held online based on the concept of “cloud design” and the registration will start from September 1. At the same time, the 2020 Competition will focus on how to better promote “inclusive education”. It is hoped that the competition could improve the society's awareness of the importance of inclusive education. Furthermore, the competition aims to solve the problems resulted from the complexities and uncertainties of the environment and various emergencies. It prepares future generation with plentiful and effective solutions through the perspective of college students from all over the world.
Professor Guangju Chen

Professor Omer Rana and Professor Dieter Trau were also invited to make special speeches at the conference. Professor Omer said that the application of design thinking is a key step in integrating learners with the design process. The competition’s problem-based learning and the focus on innovation can closely link domestic and foreign universities. At the same time, he also pointed out that in this era, especially during this year's epidemic, the development of technology and the use of online education tools have become more and more important. This competition is a good opportunity to integrate design, technology and education to provide solutions for the development of future education.
Professor Omer Rana

Professor Dieter Trau pointed out that under the raging global pandemic, people need to rethink the teaching model to meet this challenge. This year, AIT adopted a blended teaching method to provide students with hybrid high-quality courses and made new explorations in teaching. At the same time, it actively cooperates with various related units to provide solutions to global issues such as sustainable development, climate change, and poverty reduction. He expressed his gratitude to the competition for providing a good platform for cooperation and hoped to continue to contribute to social innovation.
Professor Dieter Trau

The host of the conference, Liu Min, deputy director of the International Department of Beijing Normal University, on behalf of the organizing committee, sent a sincere invitation to higher education institutions at home and abroad, hoping to work with more institutions to think about the new form of universities in the future after the pandemic, promote the development of collaborative learning for global college students, understand the world’s development from the perspective of design thinking, and jointly promote the realization of equity and inclusive education.